I'm a self taught artist based in Watford. I was born in South London before later moving to Hertfordshire.

Painting is my passion and I've been doing it for as long as a I can remember. I started painting more seriously in 2010 and experimenting with different styles and techniques. After a few years I became more confident to have exhibitions and start selling some of my work. 

I mainly use acrylics and watercolours. I have a bold and colourful style and particularly like impressionism and abstract art. 

Most of what I paint is to do with nature such as landscapes, seascapes, trees, flowers and animals. I love to go for long walks in nature to take photos and get inspiration. I also like to paint still life, cityscapes and ocassionally some portraits.

Besides painting, I also make colourful handwoven wool tapestries. I'm also interested in photography, drawing, crochet, cross stitch, clay work, mosaic, woodwork and metal work. 

Send me a message if you want to know anything more about me.


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